About us

More than 20 year on the water !


Our story


As you can imagine, this story started on the water.

Well, actually in the bay of Mindelo, Cape Verde.

Angela set sails from Italy, when she realized that "sailing around the world was possible". Initially working as a sports teacher and coach, she jumped into boating and sailing, and loved it. She consider it a way of life, something that makes her feel free and special.
Jo set sails from France, where he bought his first cruiser, a 21 foot sailing boat. He is an engineer, and professional skipper, and has been dreaming about boats since he remembers.

So yes, a sailor's love story !  

After we finished our first oceanic voyage, we bought a bigger sailing vessel, and started working in the charter industry, in the Caribbean mostly. We had guests on board on our own boat, and ultimately managed a small fleet of charter boats.
We loved the experience, and worked hard for the success of our company.
We've been taking care of boats for years now, our boats, but also for others as nautical professionals in boat outfitting, detailing and fiberglass works.

During those last 10 years, we had the opportunity to resolve hundreds of issues of all kinds on boats !
Identifying the right techniques, and sourcing the adequate materials and parts.
We KNOW from the inside how this can be a daunting task, and that is the reason why we decided to put our efforts, knowledge and experience in providing help to fellow boaters, when it comes to boat fixing or outfitting.

From boaters, to boaters.
We sourced great and renown brands, from serious distributors, right on US territory, so you can get that part, on time, when you need it.

We still have a boat, where we spend regularly some great family sailing time.




Floating Folks, Inc

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