Protect Your Eyes From Bright Light With Sailing Sunglasses

Sailing sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun's damaging UV radiation, and improve visibility and comfort on the water by reducing light intensity and filtering out glare. A number of eye diseases have been linked to extreme sun exposure, UV rays and harsh glare including cataracts. With the offering of Floating Folks Marine, you can easily avoid the harmful rays of the sun on the eyes.

Most boating sunglasses reduce light intensity by 80-90 percent with darkening gray, green, amber, or other colored lens. Glare causes squinting, fatigues the eyes, and can result in visual discomfort and headaches. Glare is present even on hazy days, making it important to wear sunglasses. The sunglasses of Floating Folks Marine are shatterproof to protect the eyes from injury in the event of sudden impact.

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